We make your startup look delicious

We are Filmdonut


Your startup should be easy-to-love

We love what we do

We enjoy making videos the same way we enjoy eating donuts... so we could be doing this all our lives.

Our main ingredient is passion

We, like you, are entrepreneurs so we know what it means to pour your hearts into your project.


We bake it just right

We know that donuts, startups, and projects come in all kinds of delicious ways. We mix the right ingredients.

We deliver!

We take quality very seriously, and we know how important is for you to get your donut at the right moment.

We are bakers & entrepreneurs, just like you

We understand that a startup proposal should be flexible, serious, and creative; and we want your spot to be really sticky and viral.

Our clients are all first priorities. We deliver on time and we guarantee our best product, tweaked to your specifications.

We're not an agency. We are matchmakers, which is why we are selective with our projects.

“The most delicious sweets you can ever taste are the ones handcrafted with passion, from people who love what they do.”


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